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Data Centers are Google’s biggest assets — highly secured, situated are all over the world, and serving everything from billions of searches, to hosting YouTube videos. Because of the privacy and security of sensitive data of millions of users, a very few people have stepped inside Google’s data centers. But, for the first time, you can see inside Google’s data centers and pay them a virtual visit through Street View.



Along with providing a virtual tour into one of the data center at Lenoir, NC, Google has created a new portal Where the Internet lives, featuring beautiful data center photographs from around the world, gorgeous night-shots, never-before-seen look at the technology, the people and the places that keep Google running.

Take the virtual tour through Street View here.

Each of Google’s data centers is a like a factory running 24 hours a day, equipped with cooling towers, and Google employees monitoring the systems round the clock. Google has even shared a video tour to learn more about what you’re viewing in Street View and see some of the equipment in action.

It’s been fourteen years since Larry and Sergey powered their new search engine using a few cheap, off-the-shelf servers. And now this has grown enormously, to a place where Google rightly says “Where the Internet Lives”.


Via: Google Blog

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