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Microsoft Windows 8 is already under fire from various critics and consumers around the world. But, Microsoft is confident of Windows 8, and even announced that it has already sold 40 million licenses within a month — that’s way too far than what Windows 7 did in its first month. GeekWire reports some of the early stats provided by Microsoft on Windows 8 usage from consumers. Pretty interesting.



A report from GeekWire, writes that Windows executive Tami Reller, at a conference, shared some of the data that Microsoft has collected from Windows 8 users, through their “Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)”. Here’s what he said:

  • More than 90 percent of customers use the charms like Search and Share on the first day of use.
  • More than 85 percent launch the desktop, and half visit the Windows Store on the first day.
  • On average, customers add 19 tiles in week one, with more than 25% of customers adding 30 or more within days.

It’s great to see these numbers, and the fact that consumers are using new features like charms menu on the first day of use is a positive signal. This is important because Windows 8 brings along new UI elements, and leaves so much to explore for the user. Any Windows user will definitely miss the start menu, so did I, but a day or two with Windows 8 will accustom you with the new modern (earlier, metro) UI.

I personally find the Windows 8, a breath of fresh air, with the new modern UI. There’s no doubt that Windows 8 is made for touch-based devices. On a laptop or desktop, you will feel the need of the “mice” more often, to use those hidden Windows 8 flagship features on all corners of the screen. But, that doesn’t stop you from using Windows 8, with the new charms menu so well integrated. For me it’s the new start menu.

What are your thoughts about Windows 8? Have you installed it yet?


Via: GeekWire

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