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RIM has finally made the announcement the world has been waiting for — the official launch date of the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) has been finalized. On January 30th, 2013, RIM will launch BB10 in multiple countries around the world, along with the unveiling of the first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones. From the industry point-of-view, this could be RIM’s final stance on regaining its position in the mobile market.

BlackBerry 10 Launch Event On January 30th 2013, Two BlackBerry 10 Smartphones To Be Launched


Thorsten Heins, President and CEO of Research In Motion, said —

In building BlackBerry 10, we set out to create a truly unique mobile computing experience that constantly adapts to your needs.  Our team has been working tirelessly to bring our customers innovative features combined with a best in class browser, a rich application ecosystem, and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.  All of this will be integrated into a user experience – the BlackBerry Flow – that is unlike any smartphone on the market today. Thanks to our strong partnerships with global carriers and a growing ecosystem of developers, we believe our customers will have the best experience possible with BlackBerry 10.  We are looking forward to getting BlackBerry 10 in the hands of our customers around the world.”

What is BlackBerry 10?

We have been tracking BlackBerry 10 for quite some time now, and the new operating system looks promising, with fresh new features. Some of the most powerful features of BB10 are the BlackBerry Hub and the BlackBerry Flow. BlackBerry Hub is a notifications and communication centre which includes feeds from Email and Social Networking account. On the other hand, BlackBerry Flow is the touch-based control mechanics to access various parts of the interface, with just one thumb. There are numerous other features which were showcased at the BlackBerry JAM Americas held earlier this year.

The BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Apart from the new operating system, there is much excitement about the new BlackBerry smartphones that will be launched on January 30th. We have already seen various leaks about the BlackBerry 10 L and N series smartphones. The BlackBerry 10 L is a full touch-screen device, while BlackBerry 10 N is a classic querty-phone. Reports suggest that the new smartphones will be available to consumers shortly after January 30th launch.

The Last Stance?

Even with all the negativity surrounding RIM, it’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, is confident about getting it right this time. In a meeting with New York Times, he said —

I don’t expect things to get much worse”

BB10 is very well integrated with devices, and therefore doesn’t even require a home button like other mobile operating systems. Heins says,

A home button is needed on iPhones and phones using Google’s Android operating system, he said, because those operating systems require users to switch repeatedly between applications to perform different tasks. In contrast, BlackBerry 10 will consolidate bits of information and capabilities that are distributed through separate apps on current smartphones. BlackBerry 10’s messaging center, for example, can display Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, texts and Twitter posts along with e-mails. “

Looking at the product demos, all this seems to be true enough, but it has to be seen how well the consumers, and more importantly the business-class people respond to RIM’s totally new offering.


Via: BlackBerry Press Release, NYT

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