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Startups in India are now making quite a buzz in the market these days. Though the idea of a startup sounds exciting, it poses a bigger challenge for the founders and investors to get that perfect recipe in a diverse country such as India. So far, Bangalore has been the hub of startups in India, with more than 40% share, but there’s still a lot to learn before we match the pioneers in the Silicon Valley.

A Guide To Startup In India To Get You Started


While there’s no documentation on how to open a startup in India, the World Startup Report, an international community creating various reports on startup around the world, has come up with a helpful 15-minute guide. The guide titled “India Startup Report” gives you a glance of what it takes to open a startup in India, along with some ground-level truths.

Do check out this 15-minute guide if you have any plans for opening a startup!


Source: World Startup Report

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